Chlea Living - Stephanie Jaya review on Everlash Lash Expert

Everlash Lash Expert review by

Stephanie Jaya | Chlea Living


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About Everlash Lash Expert

Everlash shares the joy of Novalash eyelash extension to Jakarta. Our trained lash technicians will ensure such premium product applied flawlessly. Everlash Lash Expert strives to educate women on professional and safe lash extensions method using the most reliable and premium, Novalash® products from the US. Our goal is to provide these women beautiful lashes that feel natural, lightweight, and easy to maintain, with the goal of lessening their daily makeup preparation time. Our concept is to provide ‘convenienced’ beauty that not only focuses on the aesthetic of the eyes, but also emphasizes the health of the natural lashes.

08113225808 (Pela) | 08111905808 (Kemang) | 08119795808 (Menteng)