F.A.Q — Everlash Lash Expert - Eyelash Extension Jakarta

  • What are Lash Extensions?

    Lash Extensions are single strand, tapered lashes of varying lengths, thicknesses and curvature designed to attach to your own natural lash.  In plain English, it looks like a single, real human lash with amplified thickness and curve.

    These can be made of synthetic fiber, fine silk or real mink.  We use a combination of Novalash (synthetic) and mink lashes to get the fullest, most realistic eye enhancing look unique to every woman.

    Unlike fake lashes that come in a strip, these are applied one single lash at a time using a physician developed medical grade adhesive.  The lash extension will never be attached to your skin or your eyelid, so it follows the natural growth and bloom of your own lashes.

    Lash extensions are also surprisingly weightless, and once attached, just looks like they’re yours to begin with.

  • Did you say Medical Grade Adhesive?

    Yes.  The adhesive used to attach the lash extensions to your own lash is physician developed and tested to be safe, fume-free with the highest bonding rate possible under normal conditions.

    Given how tender and sensitive the human eye can be, the Novalash adhesive we use is ophthalmologist tested and carbonate free while still containing healthy lash promoting vitamins, peptides and plant extracts.

  • Will getting Lash Extensions kill my own lashes?

    No, it won’t – as long as it’s properly applied and cared for.  This is why the application technique requires training and certification.  Your natural lashes will continue growing because the technique requires that we take several different “separation” steps during the process, at all times attaching each extension to a single lash without eyelid contact.

  • How long will lash extensions last and when will I need touch ups?

    We know it seems hard to believe that extensions can last between three (3) to five (5) weeks.  Most of our clients who follow the recommended Lash Care Do’s and Don’ts report an average lash extension life span of four (4) weeks.  This can be shorter if you’re using specialty lashes such as Candied Lashes.

    Remember, each lash extension is bonded to your own individual lashes so expect to lose some extensions as your own lashes shed and go through their natural growth cycle.  Even more so as you get exposed to environments or engage in activities which keep your eyes wet.

    We recommend getting a touch up when your extensions are at 50% of their initial fullness.  If you’ve lost more than 50% of your extensions, you will need a full set.  Though usually most people go through several touch ups before needing it.

  • I wear Contacts, is that a problem?

    Not at all, you’ll be fine.  The adhesive will never touch your skin so no worries.

  • Ok, so who CAN'T wear lash extensions?

    Anyone with adhesive allergies.
    Anyone who just had Lasik has to wait at least 4 weeks and seek their doctor’s approval prior to getting extensions.
    Anyone who just had an eyelift (Blephoroplasty) must wait 4 to 6 MONTHS after the operation and also gain their doctor’s approval.
    Anyone who had Chemotherapy in the last 6 MONTHS.
    Anyone who’s on Thyroid Medication may find keeping the lashes beyond 2 weeks a challenge.
    Anyone who has a medical condition related to their eyes, sight or eye area should really consult their doctor first.

  • What about eye make up? Or Mascara? Or Lash curlers?

    Of course you can wear eye make up, but it’s better for your lash extensions if they are NOT oil-based.  And again, do be careful during application.

    Lash Extensions are thick and luscious enough that you usually don’t need mascara.  In fact, most of our clients like extensions for that reason alone.  But if you must, we highly recommend using the specially formulated Novalash glycol and carbonate free mascara since it doesn’t interfere with the adhesive and is the safest option.

    DO NOT EVER use WATER PROOF or any kind of water soluble mascara when wearing extensions.  These totally dissolve the adhesive and you will lose your extensions.

    Eye-lash curlers are also unnecessary since the beauty of lash extensions is that they already come with curl!

About Everlash Lash Expert

Everlash shares the joy of Novalash eyelash extension to Jakarta. Our trained lash technicians will ensure such premium product applied flawlessly. Everlash Lash Expert strives to educate women on professional and safe lash extensions method using the most reliable and premium, Novalash® products from the US. Our goal is to provide these women beautiful lashes that feel natural, lightweight, and easy to maintain, with the goal of lessening their daily makeup preparation time. Our concept is to provide ‘convenienced’ beauty that not only focuses on the aesthetic of the eyes, but also emphasizes the health of the natural lashes.

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