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Novalash cream shadow available now

Novalash 24 hour cream shadow

Novalash 24 hour cream shadow

Hi Ladies! Introducing Novalash 24 hour cream shadow to our store! Cream eyeshadow ini sudah mengandung primer mata dan bisa tahan 24 jam lho! Selain sudah terbukti smudge-proof dan sweat-proof, ada banyak variasi warna yang kamu bisa pilih juga! Limited stock di @everlash_lash_expert

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Eyelash Extension Myths

5 Eyelash Extension Myths to Stop Believing Now

MYTH 1 : Your eyelashes will fall out
First things first, your eyelashes fall out anyways. You just don’t realize it because they’re small and fine, but our natural lashes fall out every four to six weeks just like the hairs on our head. Eyelash extensions only get a bad rap because it’s more noticeable to spot natural eyelashes that have shed when they’re glued to long, thick, synthetic, and solid black fibers, and people don’t realize the process is normal and not a result of extensions.

MYTH 2: Your eyelashes will never grow back
Your eyelashes will, in fact, grow back. Because of the lash shedding cycle, new natural eyelashes are always growing in, hence why you get “fills.” “If new eyelashes weren’t always growing back, there would be nothing to fill,” explains Yuli. In other words? If eyelash extensions really made your eyelashes cease growing, refills wouldn’t even be possible, because there has to be a natural lash for the extension to adhere to.

MYTH 3: Eyelash extension hurt!
Take it from someone who has gotten them done several times: Nothing about the process hurts! It’s not a matter of tolerance levels; there simply is no pain involved in the eyelash extension process. If you are worried about someone using tweezers close to your eyes, you might feel anxiety, but pain is not part of the deal.

MYTH 4: You must take a break!
Many people think that you have to take breaks from getting extensions in order to let your natural lashes “breathe.” The idea that it’s not good to get repeated extensions because your eyelashes need breathing room is mere myth. “Your eyelashes do not know that extensions are being applied to them, and they continue to shed off like normal, and a new natural lash will grow back,” says Yuli. “However it is completely up to the client whether or not they wish to take a break.”

MYTH 5: After stopping extension, your natural lashes will be thinner/shorter.
“Getting eyelash extensions does not affect the natural growth cycle during or after you decide to stop getting them applied,” says Yuli. Many people feel that their natural lashes get thinner or shorter afterwards, but it’s essentially an optical illusion. “You get used to waking up every day with thicker, dark, curled, longer lashes,” says Yuli. So, understandably, you think your eyelashes are thinner and shorter after the extensions have ended. In actuality, that is not the case and getting extensions has no chemical effect on the thickness or length of the lashes you were born with.
“But just like it was something you got used to when you first had them applied, you will also have to get used to not having them on again,” she says. That, or continue to pay for extensions.

Tentang Everlash Lash Expert

Everlash membawa produk terbaik di dunia eyelash extension dari Novalash ke Indonesia. Para lash technician kami terlatih khusus dibidangnya sehingga dapat memberikan layanan prima kepada para pelanggan.

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